Internships Navigating the Medical Sales Industry

The 12-Month Medical Sales College Internship includes the following:

  • $40,000 Base Salary + Paid MSC Tuition + Commission
  • W-2 Benefits: Medical, Dental & Vision, Paid Time Off
  • Paid tuition upon internship completion (Valued at $18,550)
  • Commission earned based on performance

Why choose a career in Medical Sales?


Great Compensation

According to the 2021 MedReps Salary Survey, the average compensation for Medical Device Sales Reps is $177,993.


Innovative Technology

Provide surgeons and healthcare providers new medical device technology that changes patients’ lives.


Rewarding Career Growth

Continuous opportunity for promotions and expanding your career with surgical and non-surgical options.


Fast-Paced Environment

Grow professionally with exposure to new innovative products and companies.


Recession-Proof Industry

Medical devices are always in demand to help surgeons treat their patients better.



Medical sales reps spend most of their time traveling and networking.

The Three Pathways to Enter Medical Sales


Personal Networking

Statistically speaking, you have less than a 1% chance of getting hired for a single position (avg. 300 resumes for every open position). Your chances of landing a job depend mainly on your past relevant experience so once hired you can immediately make an impact in driving revenue and maintaining the current sales from the existing territory. Very few have the network and skillset to do that. It is more about who you know (surgeons and sales managers) than what your background is in.


Medical Sales College Expedited Student Path

MSC has successfully assisted more than 2,500 candidates entering this lucrative and exciting career of medical sales. Now, MSC has over 2,000 employers registered directly to view and access available graduates. Because of this synergy, MSC graduates have over a 97% success rate with employment following 8 or 12 weeks of dedicated and specialized training.


Medical Sales College Paid Internship – Limited Opportunities!

For those that are willing to commit and looking to build confidence, the MSC Internship may be right for you. After working at MSC in the internship position, the cost of tuition to attend as a student is included in compensation. After graduating the 8 or 12-week program you will have all the benefits of being an MSC grad and insider knowledge of how the industry works – which will set you up as an admirable candidate for hire as a medical device representative.