Available Internships

Associate Medical Sales Recruiter

As an Associate Medical Sales Recruiter, you play a vital role in the success of our Admissions team by assisting with student enrollment.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Answer inquiries and perform introductory assessments with prospective students.
  • Advise candidates of their options to break into the industry.
  • Employer digital outreach utilizing our ZeroFee Recruiting platform.
  • Drive student enrollment by conducting sales calls and screening prospective inbound leads.
  • Drive student enrollment by conducting sales calls and sourcing outbound leads.

Location: Tampa, FL

Interviews Conducted: All year

Start Dates: – Now interviewing for start date in January 2023 (1 position)

Hiring will continue every month thereafter.  You will receive a follow up call after the webinar by an Associate Medical Sales Recruiter.
You will need to decide what date of hire you would like to interview for.  It is also advisable to discuss the
qualifications setting you apart from other applicants as this is a highly competitive program.  Once determined if
you could be a good fit, we will schedule interviews with the Management team.  Multiple rounds of interviews, a
knowledge assessment and final presentation will be conducted to determine our final hire.